After you’ve been arrested and found driving under the influence, it can be scary to think about what may happen next. Many people think about going to jail, losing their license, and having a criminal record. However, with an experienced team of legal professionals on your side, you can work with us to determine the best possible defense for your case. It would be our pleasure to look into your situation and represent you in a court of law.

The penalties for driving under the influence increase if it has happened before, so be sure to choose professionals to help you understand the potential outcomes. We understand DUI defense, allowing us to come up with creative and effective ways to argue your case. DUI testing is often inaccurate, as well as field sobriety tests. Your arresting officer may very well have violated your rights or pulled you over unlawfully. Our team takes a closer look at your situation to determine what factors may have played a role in your case.

To work with the experienced team at Miccio McDaniel & Pelosi, just give us a call. We’ll set up a consultation with you to learn more details about your case. Once we know what has happened, as well as what your goals are, we set up the strongest defense we can. Our goal is to help you receive the best possible outcome.



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