Our criminal defense lawyers are ready to defend your rights, find gaps and weak points in the prosecutor’s case, and share the strongest defense possible in order to help you work toward the best outcome. If you have been charged with a crime, allow our team to assess your case. We can discuss the elements of your situation and make a plan moving forward.

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The penalties for driving under the influence increase if it has happened before, so be sure to choose professionals to help you understand the potential outcomes. We understand DUI defense, allowing us to come up with creative and effective ways to argue your case. DUI testing is often inaccurate. Your arresting officer may have violated your rights or pulled you over unlawfully.

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Includes, petitioning for an Order of Protection in Family Court, seeking custody of minor children, visitation or asking for a change in either category, defending against charges of child abuse or neglect by Child Protective Services. MMPLAW is especially trained to handle cases where there is domestic violence and the survivor needs legal assistance in family court.

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MMPLAW has extensive expertise in representing survivors of domestic violence in both family and criminal law. The firm’s DV expertise includes defending women survivors who fight back and are charged with a crime, criminally charged with “failure to protect,” minor children in homes where domestic violence is taking place, seeking an Order of Protection in Family Court, seeking custody or to regain custody, or charged with abuse or neglect by Child Protective Services.

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MMPLAW will represent members of the LGBTQ community who believe they have been discriminated by an employer, a vendor or a service provider due to sexual orientation or gender identity. Additionally, the Firm will represent petitioners who believe they have been discriminated against based on misogyny (sexism), racism, homophobia, transgenderism or anti-Muslim sentiment.

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The Firm is well versed in trial litigation and appellate representation in the Courts of the State of New York. Additionally, MMPLAW will take cases into federal appellate courts especially in where there is a viable civil rights violation.

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