1. Lisa gets the job done Pelosi

    My husband had two different cases one upstate and one in the city. The lawyers were so worried about how much my husband paid more I felt they didn’t care about his sentencing. His lawyer in the city told him it didn’t matter where he copped out 1st being that the city judge was willing to run the sentence concurrent. However that was not the case, the judge Upstate did not sentence my husban…Read More

  2. Bail lowered

    Lisa Pelosi came to my neighborhood to meet me. She helped me get my husbands bail lowered. She has a payment plan too.…Read More

    Florence D.
  3. I owe her my life

    I went to trial and won my case. It was all over the news that I caused the death of two firefighters. The reporter was there every day of the trial. I was facing 15 years in jail. Lisa worked so hard for me. I owe her my life. The best thing is she always explained everything to me.…Read More

    Jose C.
  4. Record sealed

    My son was getting ready to leave for college and was arrested for possession of cocaine. Ms. Pelosi worked so hard to have his record sealed.…Read More

    Mary I.
  5. Forever grateful

    I was charged with using someone else's credit card. Lisa Pelosi helped me to get my record cleared. I am forever grateful. She told me I was not a criminal but made a mistake. Thanks so much.…Read More

    Tayna C.
  6. Many thanks

    I work on wall street and was arrested for DWI. Ms. Pelosi helped me from the second my wife called her. Many thanks.…Read More

    David L.
  7. Case was dismissed

    I had a drug problem but was arrested for possession with intent to sell. Lisa Pelosi got me a program and my case was dismissed.…Read More

    Raphael P.
  8. Lisa worked hard for me

    My cousin was sentenced to 2 years upstate and Lisa Pelosi worked hard to withdraw my sentence and have me sentenced to time served. Without her help, I would still be upstate.…Read More

    Jimmy W.
  9. Helped me win my case

    The police illegally searched me and my car and charged me with possession of drugs with intent to sell. Lisa Pelosi helped me win my case. Her cell phone is on 24 hours and you can always reach her. Even if the police stop you at 2 in the morning she will answer her phone.…Read More

    Johnny P.
  10. Fought my case for over a year

    A relative's child said I abused her. Lisa Pelosi fought my case for over a year and yesterday the case was dismissed. Without her help, I would have lost my job and my own children would have been taken from me.…Read More

    D. B.