Sometimes, your case doesn’t turn out the way you may have hoped. If you were trying for a different outcome, but the court ruled in someone else’s favor, hope is not lost. An appeal is a request for a higher court to take another look at a case from a lower court and evaluate their decision. While nothing new can be added to the record, it is a chance to receive a new outcome.

While you may want to discuss the mistakes your previous lawyer made when handling your case, we are afraid that won’t be helpful. Only the information that is currently on record can be used, and the appeals court cannot review anything that was not presented at the original trial.

Even if you won your case, you may need to consider hiring an appeals attorney if your opponent is seeking an appeal. Your attorney will write a brief on your behalf in defense of the court’s decision. It is this attorney’s job to demonstrate that the court made the right decision in ruling in your favor.A

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